Automates SAP Account Reconciliations and Transactions

Taking the stress, time and expense out of financial close

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Reconciliations Completed Instantly

Automated Reconciliations

Transactions Posted Efficiently

Automated Transactions

Metrics and Reports

Automated Metrics and Reports


What We Do

The Company’s Act and SOX Controls require companies to ensure the figures in their accounts are correct & accurate. This process is carried out by a review of transactions posted and completion of monthly account reconciliations. This is a time consuming, tedious process resulting in a overworked finance team, high costs and stressful month ends.

RecEasy automates the tasks of reconciliations and posting transactions into SAP using robotics and machine learning.

  • Reconciliations Completed Instantly

    Reconciliations Completed Instantly

    Ensuring figures in your accounts are correct ensuring compliance

  • Transactions Posted Efficiently

    Transactions Posted Efficiently

    Finance data pulled from SAP allowing postings to be created and posted back to SAP automatically

  • Metrics and Reports

    Metrics and Reports

    Overall summary of your reconciliations and transactions with the click of a button


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